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    Move agentless 3.0 perl script failing the set SVAAdmin password and registering with vShield


      Customer tried to user the perl script of Move Agentless 3.0 to set up a new SVA.


      Deployment of SVA works

      SVA starts

      Automatic script on SVA starts and sets IP,name and network.

      When attempting the set the password it fails with error:


      Failed to decrypt password (java message)


      Manually running the script after SVA login works (as data is entered in console there's no nedd to decrypt a password)


      We tried loading the McAfee CA certificate (not on the download page for 3.0 anymore), same effect.


      Clean install no upgrade.

      Customers is using ESX 5.1 and has 150+ hypervisors using clusters, meaning using the perl script is the only option.

      ePO 5.0