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    Quota issues with


      This is a "head-up" for those considering upgrading to who are using (A) Volume Quotas and (B) have an appliance cluster environment.


      We recently upgraded 12 appliances that co-existed in a common cluster from version to version


      All went well, apart from the Volume Quota values in the /opt/mwg/plugin/data/quota/quota.db fie are no longer managable, as they have become gross inflated.


      A typical example- after resetting the quota.db, with the the space of 1 hour the Daily Volume Usage for one user went from 0 KiloBytes to 8,733,571,416,661,832 KiloBytes ( that's 8.7 ZetaBytes ).


      All Users participating in a Volume Quota rule are affected and considering that the maximum Volume Quota that can be allocated in MWG rules is upto 9999 GigaByte, then this function is inoperable.


      I have raised a ticket with McAfee support concerning this issue.