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    Transfer systems from an old 4.6 ePO server to a new 4.6 ePO server


      We would like to transfer our system from one 4.6 ePO server to a new 4.6 ePO server. I know that we can simply push the agent from the new one (which I've been doing) but we also have machines that have Endpoint encryption installed and it seems like transferring the system using the "Transfer system" function might be the way to do it for those machines.


      The documentation isn't really clear on how to do it except for the.. go to system tree and select transfer system.


      My question is regarding the preparation to get to that point. I assume that the steps are :


      1- Register the new ePO on the old one.

      2- Transfer or share policies from the old one to the new one

      3-  Select "Transfer System" on the desired agents to be pushed to the new one.


      Are there any other steps or am I missing something ? Do I need to export certain keys ?