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    Questions about DLP Endpoint 9.3


      Hi Guys! im a new McAfee Technician and i have some questions about DLP endpoint 9.3. Can someone help me please


      When i set up policies (rules) to restrict user with sensitive file (file identified by: location tag, and content (dictionary:keywords) tag)


      1. Can we prevent user typing content of sensitive file through yahoo messenger (i have set up keyboard protection rule (with dictionary) but it just work when you copy the sensitive content, i cannot prevent the user typing the keyword )

      3. I cant stop user post sensitive content by posting the content (copying keyword) on webpage of internet explorer (rule just work on firefox, and chrome)

      4. When i use web post protection rule: using yahoo mail and gmail to send file to outside

                Internet explorer: i can prevent user sending sensitive file outside by any ways

                Firefox: i cannot prevent sending a location tagging file

                Chrome: i cannot prevent any thing (sending file or copying keyword to mail)

      5. When i use network communication protection rule and restrict user sending sensitive file outside by Google chrome (application definition in the rule is google chrome, and content sent tag: location) then it prevent all the file send outside even the file is not sensitive

      4. Can screen capture protection rule prevent other capture applications except for print screen keyboard such as snip

      5. How to remove mcafee agent on client


      hope to get all the answers

      Thank you