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    Searching available Encryption Providers




      My scenario:


      Have been encrypting with EEPC 6.2 for about 8 months now without a hitch. Tried pushing out the 7.0.1 encryption and it works great on computers that have already been running 6.2. The problem is when trying to start encryption from scratch with 7.0.1 it never activates. It sits at "Searching available encryption providers" and stays inactive. After several hours it changes to "Starting Policy Enforcement" but still stays at inactive and never encrypts.


      I've gone through the logs and can't seem to find anything that leads me anywhere. There are errors but searching the forum and internet provide no help.




      OS: Windows 7 32 bit

      HD: 2 Partitions - 1 hidden at 100 MB and 1 has OS/data on it

      ePO: 4.6


      -Works when upgrading from 6.2

      -Fails when installing from scratch

      -When pressing "Collect and Send Props" or "Send Events" it takes a lot longer to show results in Agent Monitor than version 6.2


      Attached is the log.


      Please Help!

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