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    error "Unexpected option: --name=move-sva1"


      Deploying multiple MOVE SVA ovf using the perl script and SVAInfo.csv but keep getting an error "Unexpected option: --name=move-sva1"


      I've tried the following naming format: move-sva, move-sva01, MOVE-SVA01, DHTECHESX1-SVA, ESX01-SVA, MOVESVA01-ESX,...nothing seems to resolve the above issue.


      I have a 2.6 Agentless and 3.0 MOVE Agentless environment.


      When i use the same csv file in the 3.0 environment i get "Not a valid sva name" but in the 2.6 environment i get "Unexpected option: --name=move-sva01"


      I've verified there are no spaces in the csv file.


      See attached image from the deployment attempt.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance in helping to deploy multiple MOVE SVAs in a Clustered vSphere environment using the recommended scripting method.




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          I would need to see the SVAInfo.csv file to be sure, but it appears that the field called 'VM Network" is blank "".


          As you can see from this image, "VM Network"="" <== this means this field data is missing.



          As a solution, I would download the fileMOVE-AV-AL_DepolySVA_2.6.0.zip again, and use Microsoft Excel when editing/saving the file.


          If you continue to have trouble, please contact McAfee Support and open a service request so that an engineer can assist you direclty.