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    What Delineates a Virus Outbreak (Anti-Virus Outbreak Control Rules)?

    Scott Sadlocha

      Hello All,

      I am in the process of implementing with my team, and reviewing some open issues we have. One is with regard to the subject of my discussion. In looking at the VSE Policies, I see a heading for Anti-Virus Outbreak Control under Access Protection Policies. Right now, we have these set to Report only. I have found a whitepaper that gives details on these rules and indicates that they are very powerful rules. What I am curious about is how they are used or triggered. Are these designed to be manually implemented in the event of an outbreak, or do they kick in at some kind of pre-determined threshold? What criteria is used to delineate a virus outbreak?


      I don't want to set them to Block and then find they block everything because they are to be used only when there is an outbreak. My thought is that they kick in when ePO recognizes an  outbreak. If that is the case, then I would like to know what ePO uses to determine that. Any information would be greatly appreciated.