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    New user - McAfee wont open - White box only - Virus



      I have had macfee for ages and never a problem...


      recently i noticed it has not done its ushal daily/weekly scan its self


      as i go onto the macfee button it alows me to click but nothing happens


      so i go into start - macfee and a white box comes up.... looks like it has tried to open and a 'not responding' case....


      so now my 'solve issue pc' button has told me there is a virus


      i cant right click on anything to do a simple program scan because macfee wont open


      can anyone help?


      i have no idea about computers so if you could dumb it down would be good/ pictures would help (lol)


      i am on windows 7 i believe






      (i have uplaod a photo, this is how macfee opens up and looks)