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    McAfee Security for Mac 1.2 (MSM) 'UpdateAlready Running' issue


      I have a Mac with MSM 1.2 installed.  It doesn't seem to get DAT updates automatically, although there is a task set in ePO for this daily and 3/4 of my managed hosts are within 5 days old DAT.


      When I open the McAfee Security Console, I have the option to 'update now' but when i select it, I get the 'Update Already Running' message.


      The only way to get around it I have found is to reboot, and then if I act quickly, I can VPN in and start it manually the same way.


      I'm almost exclusively a VPN user.


      Any help appreciated.

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          That alert means that the process used for updating (VshieldUpdate) keeps working in the background, therefore everytime you try to update now, it reports that it is already running.

          A way to solve it is to kill that process, so you don't need to reboot the machine.

          Here are the steps for doing it:

          - Open a terminal

          - type top and press enter

          - look for that particular process and write down its PID

          - press q to close the top command output

          - type the following: sudo kill -9 PID

          note replace PID for the number written down previously


          The next time you click in update now, the update task will start.


          note: Although the post has already 6months, it is better to receive a late reply than ever...