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    Total Protection Reinstall Problem

      To date:

      Three or four live chat sessions and one session with the Virus Removal Team (clean result) later, and I still cannot reinstall Total Protection.


      Running McAfeeSetup results in stinger64 error (unable to start correctly 0xc000009a).
      Closing the dialog box results in Setup reporting a Possible Infection. That led to the VRT session.
      The VRT session came up clean.
      Selecting Continue after the stinger failure let the software download, then an error for mcinst occured, also with the same error code ...9a.

      Selecting OK on that dialog box led to Setup saying nothing was installed.


      Please note that stinger64.exe runs perfectly well as a standalone program. It is only when launched by setup that it fails.


      System details:

      Win7 x 64, all updates applied.
      IE 9 default browser
      DSL via Cat5 through switch and router to modem.
      HP laptop with 8 GB RAM and 700+ GB free disk space.
      No other AV / spyware / malware programs are installed.
      Since the problem occured I have not used email (except to create this account) nor visited any websites other than mcafee.com


      Any suggestions to resolve this problem?


      If I can't get mcafee installed again I am going to have to go elsewhere for an AV program.
      I really do not want to do that, but my computer is useless to me without protection!