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    McAfee Installation Designer VSE8.7i - can not define Sourcepackage -.-




      what I have done so far:


      Windows Server 2003 Environment with SP2, 32bit AND Windows XP with SP3 32bit

      Newest MID, installed without any error messages

      extracted "VSE870MLRP5" (Repost Patch 5, including *.msi File)

      extracted "VSE870LML" (just to be sure and to test this one)

      extracted "ASEM870LALL" (Antispyware module for 8.7i)

      run MID as administrator without privilege cutdown for programs (W2K3)


      Well...pinpointing to those directorys where the ZIP-Files or the extracted ZIP-Files are is getting me nowhere and now I am getting nuts...may someone of you have an idea or a clue? According to the error message I did point to several directorys like extracted Antispyware for VSE 8.7i, extrated 8.7.0 version...same results...