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    System Guard

      I am new to computers.  I send emails and use Facebook, that's it.  Suddenly an icon of a black dog appeared at the bottom of my screen and it says "System Guard".  When I click on it - it says  "Disable Alerts",  "Allow All For One Minute",   "Block All For One Minute", and  "Shut Down System Guard". 


      I clicked on "Shut Down System Guard" and then I ran McAfee which showed nothing.

      I ran Hitman Pro which said: No Threats Found AND Threats Detected 1229 (have no clue what this means!)

      I ran VIPRERescue and it said:  1 Threat Traces Detected (Trojan.win32, Basine, d<v>)

                                         then it said:  Clean Completed


      I did not install this System Guard, I have no idea what it is and I can't find any info here as to whether it's supposed to be there or is it a trojan/virus.  After running the above scans, I restarted my computer and the System Guard (dog) icon is there again!  Please help!

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