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    Unable to update Master Repository for EPO 4.6.1




      We are currently using ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.1 (Build: 1192)


      Here is a copy of the pertinent section of the EpoApSvr.log file


      20130814122715 E #05552 SITEMGR  Error copying catalog file to C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\mfe6616984.tmp\catalog.z, system error 2

      20130814122715 I #05552 SITEMGR  CopyPackageThreadProc: Copy package thread ended

      20130814122715 I #05552 SITEMGR  SetSiteStatus: Setting catalog version to 20130814162335

      20130814122715 I #05552 SITEMGR  Sending catalog version change notification to ePO server...

      20130814122715 I #05552 SITEMGR  CheckInThreadProc: Check in thread ended

      20130814122715 e #05552 SITEMGR  CheckInMirrorPackage: Failed to check in package VSCANDAT1000\7166.0000\DAT\\0000, hr=-2147467259

      20130814122715 I #05552 NAINET   HTTP Session closed


      I have tried to do the following things to resolve the problem:


      1) Cleared all the contents of the C:\Windows\temp folder


      2) Deleted all packages from the previous branch


      Thanks in advance for any help!