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    ePO 4.5 - Get agent update for desktop - How do I do?


      Again I need help.


      How do I download a new agent and automatically distribute to clients (desktop).

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          Hi Suporte INPI,


          You need to go to "Menu" > "Software Manager" > "Checked In Software" > "Licensed" and check if you have "McAfee Agent 4.8" with "Up to date" status.

          Then you know that you have the last version of the agent in your server.


          To automatically distribute, you can use the "Push agents to new systems when they are discovered" option in Active Directory Synchronization settings.




          Choose the first option only if you don't have any McAfee agent installed in your systems.




          But if you already have all your systems in your ePO, you can use a server task.

          I use a query to get all unmanaged systems in my ePO, then try to install McAfee Agent on them.



          When I have a particular problem, I just go to System Tree and try to force installation over an existing version.

          Hope that it helps.

          Let me know if you need something else.


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