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    All of my important documents are encrypted-even to me


      I installed a 90 day trial of antitheft on 13/Aug/2013 in my Windows 8 laptop.

      Default setting was file protection ON. After installing I went to web management console and I switched file protection OFF.[ I wanted Device tracking only]

      I have restarted the laptop several times since this.

      However, when I try opening most of my PDFs it says' The document could not be opened as it is not a valid PDF file'

      I have now realised that several key Word/PPT documents are also encrypted/

      I have been using these files for several years before.

      I have valid Adobe reader touch, Adobe reader, and Reader/MS Office

      I am able to open a few PDFs  and word docs which I have not opened in ages. So no problems with laptop or software.

      My belief is that encryption has gone haywire.


      I have rang the Intel McAfee support guys, who were unable to solve and have escalated to next level of support.

      However, you guys here seem to be very knowledgeable.

      I wonder if you guys could help. Please..

      THey are valuable documents to me (which is why I installed it in the first place.. now even I can't open them)

      The laptop is fine as such


      MS Office says documents are corrupt.

      IS this the end of them??

      Do you think I can recover them at all?

      Any help would be appreciated.



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