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    Agent Handler DB communication - to SSL or not to SSL?  ...or maybe SSL?




      If I install an agent handler (we are assuming it goes successfully for the purposes of this post!) and I configure it to use the ePO servers database credentials, I am guessing that it uses the same settings as ePO to connect to the database (with a specific nod to 'try to use SSL').  My questions are as follows:


      - If the agent handler uses the same setting in this situation, what happens if I change that setting in ePO /core/config (ie change it from 'try to use SSL' to 'always use SSL' or 'Never use SSL').  Does the agent handler also automatically start to use this new setting when connecting to the database?
      - If the agent handler does not take any notice of this ePO DB connection config option, what setting does it default to?