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    "Scanning: Rootkit" in scan progress display

            Am running Win XP SP3 with McAfee Total Protection 2013. As usual, both full and quick scans have percentage progress, running tally of number of files examined, and the "Scanning: xxxxxxxxxx" file being examined at the moment.


           MY CONCERN: Within the past couple of updates, the"Scanning: xxxxxxxxx" has changed so that an alarming "Scanning: Rootkit" appears at least 10-15 times during the scan, sometimes for several minutes. I update every day, do a full scan every day, and typically observe at least some of the scan progress. "Scanning: Rootkit" has never before appeared and I'm curious whether others have found this to be a normal item on their current scanning progress display.


           I know McAfee updates include program features as well as detection improvements, and I would like to think this "Scanning: Rootkit" item is a relatively new feature in the progress display rather than evidence of a rootkit-type infection. I have run Kaspersky TDSSKiller, Sophos anti-rootkit tool, Trend Micro RootkitBuster and Mcafee rootkitremover -- each of these says the system is clean. Also, the full McAfee scans have not identified any rootkit-family or other infection and have come up clean; 0 problems, 0 fixes, every time.


           Is the "Scanning: Rootkit" progress item simply McAfee's way of saying, "we are now scanning for possible rootkit infections," and thus merely a new variant of the progress display?  If not, and if McAfee scan results and several different second opinions are all wrong, there will certainly be problems to be solved. Thanks for any experience or insight you can share on this.


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