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    Exchange 2010 SP3 and MSME 7.6


           We just installed SP3 for Exchange 2010 and I read that we need patch 1 and rollup1 and then a hotfix to correct Tranport problems. We have patch 1 and when I went out to get rollup1 it was not there, instead rollup2 was out. I installed rollup2 and then we installed sp3. Now the Exchange Tranport service doesn't start and it complains about


      Failed to create agent factory for the agent 'McAfeeTxRoutingAgent' with error 'Failed to create type 'McAfee.E12Agents.McTxAgent.McAfeeTxRoutingAgentFactory' from assembly 'C:

      \Program Files (x86)\McAfee\MSME\bin\E2007 Agents\McTxAgentX64.dll' due to error 'type not found'.'. Please verify the corresponding transport agent assembly and dependencies 

      with correct version are installed.


      Do we have to installed rollup2 after sp3? if so how do I fix this if we can't uninstall rollup2


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