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    McAfee Agent for Linux - cannot change to managed mode



      I am installing the McAfee Agent on a test Linux server (SUSE Enterprise Server 10 x64) , in preparation for deploying Virus Scan Enterprise for Linux. We want to be able to manage VSEL from our ePO server, but I cannot get the agent to talk to ePO.  I followed this installation proces:


      1 - Exported the following files from the ePO server to the target system:








      2 - Installed the runtime and agent with the commands rpm -ivh MFErt.i686.rpm and rpm -ivh MFEcma.i686.rpm


      3 - Used the following commands from the agent product documentation to change to managed mode:

      /opt/McAfee/cma/bin/msaconfig ‑m ‑d <path of location containing  srpubkey.bin, reqseckey.bin and SiteList.xml>


      4- Verified that the agent was running, with /etc/init.d/cma status


      However, when I check the log file on the target system at /opt/McAfee/cma/scratch/etc/log, there is still an entry showing that the agent mode is 0, for unmanaged mode, and the agent will not check in with the ePO server. I have restarted the service several times, and it remains the same.


      Any ideas about what else I can try, or how to further troubleshoot?


      Many thanks!