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    Patch 2 upgrade

      Hello Team,


      This has been a long pending issue with McAfee. Need someone to have this question to  take the ownership of the issue and guide us accordingly.


      We are trying to upgrade VSE8.8 patch 2 from VSE8.8 patch 1. We checked in VSE 8.8 with patch 2 and tried to update patch 2 along with DAT update but did not do so.


      Support Engineer from McAfee gave this KB article to us,




      We got to know that the issue is due to .mst files.


      Please let us know in what way McAfee could help us to fix the issue ASAP.



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          What errors are you actually getting? Attach client agent log files if possible.


          A patch 1 to patch 2 update is a straight forward enough process.


          Odd that this support engineer pointed you to this KB entry as it has nothing to do with what your doing unless your trying to deploy the update with something other than ePO like SCCM or similar.


          Have you checked in the reporting and management extensions for patch 2 into ePO?.

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            Thanks for your prompt reply.


            Please let us know the location of the log files to be attached .


            Or need MER Tool log.



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              First attempt to perform the update and have it fail


              Then attach the following files



              Agent_<your computer name>.log


              found in


              C:\Users\All Users\McAfee\Common Framework\DB or C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\McAfee\Common Framework\DB if your still on XP/2003


              This way we can definitely capture the errors within the log file.


              Another question are all your VSE 8.8p1 install just normal installs from ePO?

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                I have attachhed the log files which was taken last week.


                and i couldn't find the log files in the below said location:


                C:\Users\All Users\McAfee\Common Framework\DB


                We have installed VSE8.8 patch 1 through BBCA deployment by packing Team.



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                  Ahhh...That would be why the McAfee Engineer pointed you to that particular KB article.


                  Not familliar with that particular package management software but basically your VSE 8.8p1 installs are in an un-supported state because of the way you've deployed the initial installation. Possibly the result of a path/folder customization within the packaged install. Also the fact that you couldn't find any log files is the folders i mention supports the possibility of the installer customization.


                  Do you have any ideas as to what customization the packing team did?



                  As i see it at this point you have two options


                  1. Download the full VSE 8.8 with p2 and deploy with a new BBCA deployment.

                  2. Use ePO to uninstall VSE and re-install VSE into a valid state and patch and update.


                  option 2 is probably the safest as it means when the next patch/next version of VSE comes out you'll be able to deploy from ePO

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                    Hello ,


                    Thanks for your suggestion.


                    2. Use ePO to uninstall VSE and re-install VSE into a valid state and patch and update.


                    Is it possible for us to uninstall VSE on 3000 machines and reinstall it back with VSE P2 through ePO in a single task.


                    If so, please help us as we are planning to do it in a region wise.


                    Please advise.



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                      I don't believe it's possible to do it in one task as the uninstall and the install would be two individual product deployment tasks ( the uninstall is a product deployment task with the remove option selected) and possibly a client reboot would be required in between.


                      As for a large scale deployment of 3000 sadly i'm going to have to defer to someone with a bit more experience as i only manage a small deployment of 200 but it should be relatively easy.

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                        Thank you.


                        Please have someone to handle this.