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    McAfee TP2013 Update and Reinstall Looking for File


      I had problems with Total Protection 2013 yesterday on a Dell desktop running Windows XP SP3.  During the McAfee update process I got a “files missing” box:  “The file mfendisk.sys on McAfee Core NDIS Intermediate Driver disk is needed.  Type the place where the file is located and check OK.”  There was a box that showed “Copy files from C:\program files\common files\mcafee\vscore.  The application would not accept that location.  I confirmed with Task Manager that the file in question was located in a program files\common files\mcafee subdirectory but could not get the application to accept the location.  I also found that the file in question was located in C:\windows\system32\drivers.  Ultimately, I gave up and elected to Skip.  That apparently was a big mistake, as Total Protection 2013 melted down.  Virtual Technician showed 24 errors.  I selected Fix All, ran it again and it still found 22 errors.  I had to reboot before I was able to uninstall McAfee Total Protection and Site Advisor using Control Panel.  Afterward, I ran the MCPR.exe cleanup tool and then reinstalled Total Projection from the McAfee web site.  During the installation process, again I got the ”files missing” box that asked for mfendisk.sys.  This time I pointed to C:\windows\system32\drivers and the location was accepted and the installation continued and ultimately completed successfully.  Total Protection now appears to be running properly, but I know the application is not supposed to update and reinstall in the ways I encountered. 


      I haven't seen anyone else in the Community blogs or elsewhere describing an encounter with this type of problem. 



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          Peter M

          That sounds to me like the installation files were somehow corrupted enroute to you because that certainly should never happen.   I've known the MVT to give "missing files" output because it was faulty, and need an update to fix, but not the installer.


          If you need to clarify it or to get help with anything ongoing I would open a case with Technical Support - linked under Useful Links at the top of this page - free by phone or online chat.

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            i'm having ther exact same problem since upgrading to 2013

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              Peter M

              I would contact Technical Support as previously auggested.

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                I had the exact same prblem this morning after rebooting folowing a McAfee update.  It sounds like the installer is faulty.


                However, I found your post helpful, beause it helped me avoid the McAfee meltdown that you described.  Instead of skipping that file, I pointed it at the C:\windows\system32\drivers location, and the installation continued without error.  If I hadn't seen your post, I probably would have done exactly the same thing as you.  So thank you!

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                  This exact error happened to me last night - during install of the latest McAfee updates.

                  I have the exact same XP SP3 and version of McAfee looking to be installed.

                  Uninstall MCPR.exe and re-install - the exact same issue occurs. This is a McAfee bug - YET AGAIN !!!!

                  I have been plagued by McAfee bugs on average 3 times per year - forcing me to restore from Image Backups each time as no other fix is available. ---- until McAfee recognise their mistakes and fix it in updates normally 2 or 3 weeks later.

                  I normally wait 2 weeks and select "Remind me Later" until I see at least for 3 or 4 update versions have been released.


                  It's true McAfee prevents me from getting viruses --- but there is nothing preventing me from getting McAfees totally corrupt software releases !!!! 

                  I have been in IT software engineering for over 30 years - and all I see is that McAfees Testing & QA fails miserably for me.

                  I think this should go to public forums to be discussed as McAfee continue to make huge mistakes like this one.

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                    Peter M

                    The trouble with restoring from backups is that the problem never gets fixed.  Technical Support can't fix something unless people contact them and allow logs to be collected.   It';s free after all.  We don't know whether this is caused by 1, 2, 3 or more factors and the more people to contact them the better.  If at first you don't succeed, contact them again and ask for escalation.


                    However that all said, in the case of XP I can't see them giving priority to problems on a system that will falling out of support in April next year (officially at least), although it's possible I suppose.   The more cases they get the more likely something will be done and quicker.







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                      Problem with not restoring from backups is I am left without my work system.

                      I use this system and many others like it for my business - which I am an independent consultant these days -

                      advising large corporation on good and bad software !!

                      XP out of support April next year - is no excuse for sloppy software.

                      Starts to look much worse when lame excuses come into play - and developers do not double-check this for themselves.

                      Just 2 days and 4 people affected - advising on this forum  - means thousands or more like hundreds of thousands of people who would not have a clue on what do.


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                        Peter M

                        Well I suggest contacting Technical Support.  It's free by phone or online chat.  See Useful Links at the top of this page.

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                          My reinstallion of Total Protection 2013 on the XP machine seems to be performing as designed.  At least I wasn't the only one facing this issue.  It can't be just coincidental that I and others would encounter the "files missing" box during both a regular McAfee update and a reinstallation download.  Something was clearly amiss.  Hopefully others can finesse the missing file as I did by pointing to the Windows subdirectory.  I am beginning to think the one of my four machines that had this problem (two are XP and two are W7) is bad luck.  It is the one that Virtual Technician indicated had three missing files that I reported to the Community at https://community.mcafee.com/thread/57153?start=0&tstart=0   That VT missing files finding was erroneous and the installation seemed to work fine until this missing files issue arose.  I am thankful the ultimate reinstallation has worked to date.  In general, I am willing to trade very robust protection and a commitment to constantly expand the protection umbrella for an occassion glitch from which I can recover.



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