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    Authentication prompt issue since upgrade to ?


      Got a bit of a weird one here and just curious if anyone else has seen it as I work with support on it.


      I have a handful of users who are getting repeatedly prompted for proxy auth on https sites like google.com and doubleclick.net  now since a to upgrade over the weekend.  Chome/Firefox/IE all behave the same.   The only thing that changed over the weekend was the level of MWG code as far as we can tell.   We use the try auth rule which is supposed to fail open anyway, unless I've been given the wrong impression on how that's supposed to work.  Captures suggest that it's the client side RST'ing the connection after a few 407 auth requests from the proxy.


      The vast marjority of domain users are just fine.    And this same set of rules worked fine under for quite some time.


      A small group of web developers who have server 2008 R2 as a desktop platform seem to be affected.  Other 2008R2 boxes seems fine.  One user on a win7 box appears to be affected as well.    Rebooting is no help nor is reinstalling the browsers.    I'm gathering more details and will update the thread as I learn more.


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