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    Artemis Server issue detected


      I found an error message as far as McAffee is concerned and ran MVT and it found that the Artemis Server issue detected so I did some research and found out that I might be deleting something I need. I am enclosing the MVT report as well as two screen shots of the MVT and the item that was put in quarantine.


      Please let me know what to do.



      Thank you.



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          That Quarantined item is from 20 June so is quite old.   You could try reinstating it and see if it's detected again.


          Did MVT fix the issue?  The Artemis server is in the clouyd so could be tmeporarily unavailable.


          JS/blacole is old and can be caused by out of date Java being installed.  Make sure all your browsers are up to date and all their add-ons are also up to date.


          Run a scan using Stinger, Malwarebytes Free and maybe as well RootkitRemover all linked in the last link in my signature below.


          To keep Malwarebytes free of charge do NOT accept the free trial offer.


          Keep Windows up to date in all aspects including parts of it you may not use.







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            This is the second "Artemis Server issue" message reported from the new upgraded MVT in the past couple of days, so it looks like a difficulty connecting to a remote server.


            As for the quarantined HTML page, it contains obfuscated javascript which redirects a browser to a server hosting the Blackhole Exploit kit, so I would just delete it.

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              Thanks for everything.



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                Two weeks back we had an Artemis issue that falsely detected a variety of files. If MVT comes across any of these files that were mistakenly quarantined, then you would see this message as a one-time warning. When the fix all button is clicked, these mistakenly quarantined files would be restored to their original state on that system.


                The warning should not be displayed again post the fix action.

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                  Thank you for responding  what I did do was run MVT again once the issue showed up again I pressed the fix it and ran the MVT again and it showed that everything was running perfect.


                  once again thank you for responding.



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                    Glad you are OK now. ;-)