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    is It Possible to Block a Client PC by Name or OU

      Hi All,


      I'm hoping you can help me, I've searched through this forum and cannot find an answer, is it possible to block Internet Access for clients based on their OU or name/FQDN?


      I am able to block based on client.IP but cannot see a way to block with the OU membership of full name.


      We have just implemented McAfee Web Gateway 7 - all was going well until we were asked to block access to the Internet for a particular set of PC's regardless of the logged in user, and they must still be able to access internal sites.


      I was hoping to creat a rule based on the PC's OU where I could simply drop PC's into which were not allowed to access the Internet, i would rather not do this on IP Address.


      Unless anyone can think of a better/simpler way of doing it, I assume Web Gateway would have this facility and be easy to implement, having already told the 'boss' I can do it!