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    Cli32/64 command is not working.




      I am trying to troubleshoot a receiver that is constantly beeping, but I cannot access the cli options when I SSH into the receiver,


      It keeps telling me to check to see if the arcmsr/sg drivers are installed properly.


      I think this problem arose after updating to 9.1.3




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          You proably already resolved this but for the sake of sharing ... You might have a receiver that has a 3ware card versus Areca.


          Try using  "tw_cli" to get your raid status and more for 3ware based cards.  I needed the serial recently


          Example run:



          ## Show the controller ##

          # tw_cli show


          Ctl   Model        (V)Ports  Drives   Units   NotOpt  RRate   VRate  BBU
          c2    9750-4i      2         2        1       1       1       1      -


          ## Get status ##

          # tw_cli info c2


          Unit  UnitType  Status         %RCmpl  %V/I/M  Stripe  Size(GB)  Cache  AVrfy
          u0    RAID-1    OK       -       -       -       465.651   RiW    ON


          VPort Status         Unit Size      Type  Phy Encl-Slot    Model
          p0    OK             u0   465.76 GB SATA  0   -            Sxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
          p1    OK             u0   465.76 GB SATA  1   -            Sxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


          ## Get drive status

          #  tw_cli info c2 p1


          ## Get drive serial number ##

          #  tw_cli info c2 p1 serial