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    "failed" return value of system.wakeupAgent


      Hi all,


      I test system.wakeupAgent API. PC1 is awake, PC2 is just added from ePO system tree by "new system" action. PC3 is Offline. PC4 is not existing on system tree.


      I send wakeup agent command through this API to PC1 and PC2,PC3,PC4.

      password https://localhost:8443/remote/system.wakeupAgent?names=PC1,PC2,PC3,PC4


      completed: 1

      failed: 0

      expired: 2


      It seems that PC1 is succeeded,

      PC2 and PC3 are return Error 0 and "Fail to wakeup agent", PC4 is returned OK and "cannot find the system".


      Why the report does not count up "failed" value?

      What situation is the result of "failed"?