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    McAfee Anti Virus Plus and Gmail

      I have a client who has McAfee Anti Virus Plus. I had them apply all updates to McAfee yesterday. They have Windows 7 with all updates applied. They have IE10 with all updates applied. I had them reset all privacy and security on IE to default. Found no add in to IE that should affect it, other than McAfee Site Advisor. I made sure there were no blocks on www.google.com and mail.google.com.


      When the client tries to forward an email in gmail, they are unable to delete text in gmail before forwarding.


      When I have them turn off McAfee real time email and web protection for 15 minutes and try to edit in gmail, they are able to do so. When it is again made active they are unable to do so.


      Since I am not familiar with the package, I had them contact McAfee tech support to see if there was a way to whitelist www.google.com and mail.google.com in the anti virus software.


      The tech there was obsessively firm that there was absolutely no way McAfee could be causing the problem, even though turning off the real time web protection solved the problem. They were of no help at all, just denying that McAfee was the problem, saying it was some other software causing the problem. Can anyone help me solve this problem, other than deleting MacAfee and having the client use another anti virus software? Could the Site Advisor IE add on also cause the problem?



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          You could try checking the following:


          Open SecurityCenter

          Click Web and Email Protection

          Click Firewall

          Click Internet Connections for Programs

          (Hint: Once loaded, it takes a while, click the word 'Program' at the top to rearrange them alphabetically)

          Locate your browser(s) and make sure they have Full access, using the Edit button if need be.


          If that doesn't help I would reopne the case with technical Support and this time ask for escalation.


          I personally haven't encountered this problem so not too sure what's going on.