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    Signed scripts are blocked by SolidCore


      I have digitally signed vbscripts and I am trying to run them on Solidified system, but Solidcore is blocking their execution.


      I am able to run signed *.exe,*.msi and *.dll files but *.vbs is failing. What caould be the issue ?


      Below is the log for the same.


      <EXECUTION_DENIED  file_name="D:\ComputerNames.vbs" pid="1238" process_name="C:\WINDOWS\system32\wscript.exe" ppid="2346" parent_process_name="C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe" cksum="e71ebf416a6g67fdt874a5201f4dc84f03c21f323" event_time="1376512532000" event_time_utc="Jul 14 2013:20:35:12" file_type="script" is_system_file="false" deny_reason="File-Unsolidified" is_installer="false" user_name="New/new1" />