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    ePO / Agent Locking Out an AD User Account

      Today I noticed that one of my service accounts keeps getting locked out.  Its one I use for my ePO server to sync up w/ Active Directory, push the agent out, and to replicate my UNC repositories.


      To verify if it was ePO I created a new service account, and updated it to sync w/ AD, push out the agent and the replicate to my repositories. 


      I see the second account I made getting locked so I know it is epo related some how.


      I do not have any client tasks setup with hard coded user/pass right now.  The only thing in place is SiteAdvisor client tasks to send the logs.  I'm not sure if its related, but I updated my SiteAdivisor extensions yesterday.  Called McAfee support and after two hours they are stumped.  I was told they'd call me tomorrow to follow up on it.


      Im trying to make super agent repositories now, as I read some UNC repositories can cause issues with user/pass.  Anyone else have this issue?  Know a fix?