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    MOVE multi platform




      I'm new to MOVE and trying to figure out our options having just joined a company. We have VMW and XenServer. My predecessor had an issue whereby a multi site layer 2 network caused issues when end points sent excessive AV traffic across the site links and kept saturating the switches!


      Now, as far as I see best practise dictates that you should keep the offload AV traffic off your LAN. To do this, at least with VMW, in a multi platform config you need to have a 2nd NIC on every VM using DHCP, a DHCP server, a vSwitch with a offload server attached and non routable, and each VM guest on that host / cluster offloads to that node. Is that right? Is that the only way? Seems incredibly diddly to me.


      Moreover, we are not a true VDI environment as we use Citrix shared desktops, and I'm of the opinion that the benefit in this scenario of using MOVE is limited. We might be better off using traditional AV endpoint software as we have 30 users per virtual Xenapp server.


      The whole agent less model seems much more sound architecturally but that's not possible with XenServer of course.


      Any thoughts appreciated.