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    Blocked Web Site using SaaS version 6.0

      So far, I have one user who was blocked trying to access www.drivehq.com. I can easily access and use the site with IE10 and with Chrome. I do not have the McAfee web filter on my machine, although it states I have browser protection installed and current. Why are things different from his Windows 7 64 and my Windows 8 Pro? I had the user download and install Chrome, which he is using to access the Drive HQ site without any problems. Both of us have the same current DAT versions. One odd thing I noticed is that there is no enable / disable feature for browser protection, however; the option exists for the firewall as well as virus and spyware protection.


      Is this typical behavior? I switched to McAfee SaaS after using Symantec for years. I hope I don't regret it.