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    McShield running on workstation, but ePO shows no product install.


      So while doing my daily check of stuff in ePO today I noticed that I have about 40 of my 500 machines that don't have VirusScanEnterprise running. That's not a HUGE deal as my organization used to have Trend Micro as our main AV product. Just to make sure I outputted the 40 machines and ran it through a PowerShell script to make sure the Trend Micro service was running, and it was not on about 25 of those 40. I modified the script a wee bit and noticed that those 25 actually had McShield running as a service, meaning that McAfee Anti Virus in some form is indeed running. I've tried doing a full wake-up call on those machines but nothing seems to change.


      My questions are:


      1) What would cause this behavior?

      2) If a machine has the McAfee ePO client shouldn't all McAfee products show up?

      3) What should I do about this?

      4) could we re-install VirusScan and hope the re-install picks it up?


      Thanks in advance.


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