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    Set New Engine/DAT Detection option in ePO 4.5



      Some of our users have noted that when they select the 'AutoUpdate' option in their VSE console, they are told that the update failed because "The following packages were not in the repository: VSCANCEU1000."  I believe this is precisely the problem noted in this McAfee KB article:




      In which the solution is:


      • Launch the VirusScan Console.
      • Right-click AutoUpdate and select Properties.
      • Under Update Options, deselect Get newer detection engine and dats if available.
      • Click Apply, then OK.


      This solution would work fine for each user individually, but like most Enterprise users, we manage thousands of users through our ePO.  So, does anyone know how I could set this option to push down via the ePO?  I have looked through all of the Agent and VSE policies I thought might be relevant and have found no such option.  FYI, we are using ePO 4.5 and VSE 8.7i Patch 5.




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          Why do anything at all about it?

          The message is informational. It's not telling you there is something broken, wrong, or needs fixing.

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            I agree, however, you can understand the dismay of the user who only sees 'AutoUpdate Failed' with no additional details, and concludes there is something, then calls their Tier 1 Support Desk in a panic as a result (folllowed by an email, then an email, then a ticket, which arrives in my lap to answer ).


            More importantly, the root problem is that the customers are about to undergo an external audit, and really don't want anything that would draw the gaze of the auditors.  They want to be able to demonstrate to the auditors that everything works as expected, and that 'Update Failed' message looks odd and needs special explanation.  So, if I can fix it, I would like to.


            So...any ideas anyone?