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    Unwanted Programs Exclusion Fails

      I'm currently trying to set an exclusion for an exact path of a filename for a user-defined item in the VirusScan Enterprise unwanted programs exclusion in ePO 4.5.  However, after saving and updating the target machine it still continues to block/ try to delete the execuatable.  Is there somewhere else I need to definte the path of the executable to prevent the Virusscan from attacking the file.  Removing the file name from the user-defined items isn't really an option for me as it would weaken our security posture. 

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          This post belongs in the VSE group but I think I know the answer.


          It depends on exactly what component of VSE is interfering with the file. Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) exclusions would only exclude the file from that particular PUP definition. The file is most likely being disrupted by the On-Access Scanner (OAS). If true you would have to add the exclusion to the On-Access default processes Policy.

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            I've specified it in both but the VSE still continues to block the file.  It is still showing up as user defined detection: (Potentially Unwanted Program) in the logs.  I've tried adding exclusions in the On-Access default processes policy both for the file and for the folder and excluding to subfolders.