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    Foday Turay

      Hello all,


      Please i need a help from some body. we were using EPO 4.0  but recently was upgraded to to 4.6 then everything stop working, after we decided to do a new fresh installation of the application and successfully

      have now a new server working, my issues is to download update from he master repository . I keep on having the message update failed. so since after the installation we have not be able to download new update.

      thank for quick responses

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          To give any sort of helpful answer I'd need data on exactly why the repository pull task is failing. First take a look at the server task log (Menu | Automation | Server Task Log) and see what error is provided for the failure. Beyond that take a look at the epoapsvr.log (located here by default: <ePO Install directory>\DB\Logs) immediatly after the pull task fails and it should provide a meaningful error.

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            Foday Turay

            hi kindly find the ER NO (12007) when i tried to pull donw update this morning.


            secondly, some other systems on the network are  not reporting to the EPO server. they giving this error message agent failed to communicating to epo server but other are reporting and working correctly. please your help count a lot here .

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              For the systems that are reporting agent failed verify they have different GUIDs.


              You can do this by looking at the registry key : hklm\software\Wow6432Node\Network Associates\ePolicy Orchestrator\Agent:AgentGUID


              hklm\software\Network Associates\ePolicy Orchestrator\Agent:AgentGUID


              Otherwise check by right clicking on the Tray Icon and go to McAfee Agent Status Monitor > Agent Settings > Agent ID