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    Need help creating a query to run a server task




      I'm trying to create a Server task to deploy VirusScan to new machines on my organization.

      What I did:


      - Created a server task called "Organization - Agent and VirusScan deployment" to:

      1. Query all Unmanaged Systems
      2. Install McAfee Agent (Install only on systems that do not already have an agent managed by this ePO server)
      3. Wake Up agent
      4. Run Client Task Now (Deploy VirusScan task created by me)


      The problem with that (what I think it is) is that when the third step (Wake up agent) runs, the system leaves the "unmanaged systems" group... so the fourth step is ignored.

      So... now I'm trying to create a new query to found out in which managed systems the VirusScan product isn't installed.

      Then I'll create a server task to deploy VirusScan to these systems.