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    ePO 5.0 problem updating clients automatically




      I'm having some problems in my organization updating clients using ePO.

      When I check the "last communication" column at ePO system tree it show that the clients are communicating correctly.

      But when I chek in clients in the "about" of the McAfee shield at the taskbar, it shows me wrong communication date and that the VirusScan is not updated.

      If I select "update security" it updates with no problems.


      Why my ePO isn't updating clients automatically anymore?


      My version of ePO is 5.0.0 (Build: 1160)

      My agent version is



      The VirusScan "Disable default AutoUpdate task schedule" in "General Options" policy is not checked.

      But the AutoUpdate task is disabled in clients anyway.

      Any chance of enable it again and to specify time to run?


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