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    Can't uninstall or reinstall


      Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium, SP1 (64-bit)


      Intel AT Service

      Version 2.0

      Build 1.0.1204.4

      Affif: 1041

      Language: en-us

      Last update: 07/2/2013 16:57


      Intel At Service is active

      Device tracking: On

      File protection: On

      Subscription: Active


      Click "Sync" (nothing happens...?)


      Web Management Console: "Your device is not set up"


      "Before you can set up McAfee Anti-Theft, you'll need to download the software on your device."


      I download it and try to install, but it warns me that it is already installed.


      Reboot to safe mode w/ networking support, try to install.


      "We've discovered another version of Intel AT Service software on your

      device. Please remove it, and then try installing Intel AT Service again."


      If try to uninstall, during decryption process:


      "Unable to remove software.

      We're sorry, there was a problem removing the software.

      Please try again."


      Please help before I throw my laptop against the wall. Thanks.