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    query to determine patches on workstations


      I want to create a query to determine whether the latest patches for microsoft, adobe and java are installed on each workstation.


      I have managed to create a query that appears to show this but does not show which patches are not installed or out of date.


      The query I created is like this.


      1. Result type; other; audit patch results.

      2. pie chart; labels are = status of patch on system

      3. columns= system name, patch check result, data system audited, Is last result, vendor, date published by vendor, severity assigned by publisher, status of patch on system, days since patch released, days to patch system, date system originally patched,

      4. filter = vendor equals microsoft or adobe or java.


      Now when I run it, it gives me the information of the workstations that are not patched, but I cannot see or find which patches are not on each workstation. At first glance there seems to be duplicate results

      i.e same system name repeated but on further examination it appears these are actually showing different results for each workstation.


      Can anyone help in identifying which patches are not installed or out of date.


      I am using ePO 4.6.0