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    VSE Linux Desktop Notifications

      Folks, please go easy on me, I am a mostly non techie person who is trying to shoulder a techie role at the moment.


      We have an air gapped set of VM servers, some Windows 2008 and others RH Linux Enterprise 5.7. We have McAFee VSE for Windows 8.8 and VSE for Linux 1.7 . They are all configured standalone in mcafee terms, no EOrchestra or whatever.


      On the Windows servers it is trivial to have desktop VSE notifications pop up in addition to setting up the native Windows SNMP forwarding service to our centralized status monitoring application.


      My problem is on Linux - I cannot see a way to set up Linux desktop notifications and indeed when doing the EICAR test on the Linux servers whilst VSE does its job on the file, it doesnt notify.


      I suppose question one is, can VSE for Linux even be configured to notify at the desktop when VSE finds suspicious files.


      And then question two is, if it can, how?


      All help greatly appreciated.