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    Negative value for a Custom dictionnary



      It's been a very long time I have play with our IronMail server 6.7.2 and I cannot find the information I am looking for in the doc...


      I have a Custom dictionnary where I will add from time to time some string value to catch a new bunch of spam not block by the TRU filter...   It's value are simply add to the ESP computation with a Confidence Value of 60% and a Threshold Value of 100...


      I now need to return a negative spam score for the occurance of some key words in the subject field so some currently quarantine e-mail can bypass the filter.  The source address/domain and destination are variable so I cannot just whitelist.


      So, can I return a negative value for a string search in my dictionnary?  I look like it can but I would like to confirm this.





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          Yes, you can use negative numbers.  I would occasionally see -100 put in so that specific trusted messages would be passed.

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            Finally test it yesterday night and yes, it work to finally realise that the keyword I need to whitelist in the Subject field can also be in the To address field so both are in the header field...


            Is there a way with a RegEx rule to only add point if  the keyword is not in an smtp address?


            The To: filed format is bbbbbb@h123456ccclllll.com.  The word I need to whitelist is h123456


            Is it possible to have a regex to exclude @h123456 but match h123456, in upper and lowercase?  I can read simple regex but to write a complex one is something else...  (


            Thank you for the help