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    How do I get AntiVirus Plus un-stuck on "Updates: Available"?

      I have McAfee Antivirus Plus on an old Dell desktop (Dimension 3000), with Windows XP. It's connected to the internet via DSL. My first problem is that I have Automatic Updates turned on, but it won't update automatically. Sometimes it tells me to check my internet connection.  Other times it will update, and I will get the green check-mark for a few seconds saying that I'm secure, but then it will go back to the red X and the message:  "Updates: Available".


      I've tried Virtual Technician and it fixed three problems, but it has two problems that it can't fix:


      1. Virus Scan-McAfee AntiVirus Plus 15.6.245, Pending: DAT out of date

      2. SiteAdvisor 3.4.195, Problem: Missing files (4)


      I can't use Live Chat because whenever I try to install the software for Live Chat I get an error message and can't move on.  I can't afford to pay for telephone assistance, and I don't think it's fair to have to do so for some problem that doesn't seem to have anything to do with what I've done, so I just live with the inconvenience of the error message, but I'm not getting my virus updates, clearly, and that's a problem.  Otherwise the computer works normally.


      I'd appreciate any help that you all can give. Thanks!


      Here's the rest of my information when I click on "About" for McAfee Antivirus Plus, if that helps at all:


      McAfee SecurityCenter

      Version: 11.6

      Build: 11.6.477

      Affld: 105

      Language: en-us

      Last update: 3/7/2013


      McAfee VirusScan

      Version 15.6

      Build: 15.6.245

      Last Update: 3/28/2013

      DAT version: 7028

      DAT creation date: 3/28/2013

      Boot DAT Version: 7025.0000

      Boot DAT Creation Date: 3/25/2013

      Engine Version 5500.1093


      I also have McAfee Personal Firewall, SiteAdvisor, andQuickClean and Shredder




      J. kennedyfarrell

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          Who do you get mcafee from ie they are 12 mths behind and 12.8 a far better program and less issues. Partners are tardy upgrading why I do not know but in this case I would try a full uninstall/reinstall as per


          reboot two times  and run

          http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/Mcpreinstall.e xe

          and reinstall from your account


          If that does not assist why cannot you can support as most calls are locol or free support itself is free. If there is some issue why you cannot call and the reinstall fails I will get a tech to call you first via Private message to get your contact details and then at a time that suits.


          You have not had another scanner installed by change? If so you need to uninstall it via its own removal tool.


          If verizon supplies your software read



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            Thanks for this, Peacekeeper.  Very helpful. I had already uninstalled and reinstalled a number of times over the past year or so, and it hadn't worked, but following your instructions did work, for the time being.  One other time, before Live Chat stopped working for me, a MacAfee tech was able to do the same thing, but it only lasted for a few days and then I started getting the message again.  So let's hope it sticks this time. .....it did update the version, so that's good.  Previously, I had never done the pre-install so maybe that was it.


            As far as techsupport, I got McAfee from Dell when I bought the computer, almost 9 years ago!  I've been updating it since but whenever I've called the number at this site, which is what Security Center sends me too,  http://service.mcafee.com/TechSupportHome.aspx?lc=1033&sg=TS, I've been told that the free tech support only lasts for the first year of owning a Dell. ??? Maybe that's changed since the last time I tried? One time I was able to lie my way through and talk to someone, but they could still not get Live Chat up and running.  It's a problem with GotoAssist, and whenever I try to get the Live Chat help, it doesn't initialize, so in the end, whenever I've had a tech assisting me and trying to access my computer, the problems with GotoAssist prevent that from happening.


            Thanks again!  Now since I re-installed McAfee, my Firefox browser won't show any shockwave graphics, and I'm told that I have to download a new version of Adobe Shockwave, but when I try to install that version I just get a "failed to initialize" message. . . . any idea of why that might be?  Coincidence?  I get graphics with Internet Explorer, but not Firefox, which is what I'd prefer to use.


            J. kennedyfarrell


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              Now that is strange you say dell only supports it for 12 mths. But don't you pay each 12 mths?


              I will ask the mcafee support guys as to what is best way to go. Support for macfee purchased products is free as long as version is paid up ie not expired. Are you paying for mcafee each year? If cost similiar maybe beeter to purchase through Mcafee themselves that gets latest version. Just a thought

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                Well, when you call they ask you if you've purchased the Dell computer within the last year or not, and then the automated voice sends you to a person if the answer is yes, but to an automated ask for credit card information if the answer is no.  Again, it's been a while since I've tried, probably over a year, but I never thought to look for another website because this one was where the security center sent me so I thought it was legit....and the only option. But yes, I am paying for the subscription every year, to McAfee, which is how I was able to re-download McAfee this time, so next time I will search for another website for McAfee itself, and that's good information to know for the future, thanks again!

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                  do not choose the dell options on the right and follow your nose and you will after filling in the data get a phone number and job number.  I assume the Dell thing was you were covered for 12 mths after purchase and after that you had to buy new versions.


                  What is strange is that if you were buying from Mcafee  and I do think you are not due to the 195 affid and you would not be on 11.6 that confirms you are buying though Dell so Mcafee software thinks.  The 105 affid id is Dell....


                  Still try the above option and see what they say