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    License Key not identified by Computer Name

      I want to renew my McAfee subscription but I want to move from a 5 computer license down to a 3 computer license.  When I attempt to renew, it asks me which 2 computers I do not want to renew, but it doesn't reveal the computer name--only a license key associated with each.  But I don't know which license keys go with which computer, so I can't de-select 2 of them.  All five are showing with N/A in the name column (even though I gave them each an identifying name).  I have deactivated the 2 I don't want elsewhere in my account, but I cannot renew my subscription without knowing the license key (since the computer names I gave them are not identified in the de-selection process during renewal.   I called for customer service and was unsuccessful in explaining my problem--or at least in them understanding it.


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