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    Re-Install McAfee Internet Security 2012 Windows 8 Acer Laptop



      I recently purchased  McaFee Internet Security 2012 for my Windows 8 laptop. I registered the key on the website and nstalled on my laptop. It worked fine. Hoever I was getting pop ups on my laptop that my antivirus would get deacivated in 2 days.


      The reason for the same is because with my laptop cam a 3 month free trial anti-virus from McAfee.. Now, when I installed it it, I thought that the new anti virus woul take precedence over the old exsiting one.


      I uninstaaled it and am trying to reinstall it now. When i try to go the website www.mcafee.com/mis/retailcd , and enter my details, it gives me a message that the key has already been used.


      When I try to re-install it once again ( the anti virus on my windows 8 laptop ), it jus stuck on "Gathering Downoad informtion" and  does not proceed.


      I have attached a screen shot of where I am stuck.


      Please help ...