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    getsusp results - trojans

      Please help - I don't know what's best to do.  I ran rootkitfinder which found no problem.  Stinger deleted 2 problems.  I am worried as Getsusp 3 today reported 4 trojans amongst lots of suspicious files.  I don't know whether everything suspicious is actually wrong.  I don't  know haw to remove trojans.  Do I need to use Techmaster?

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          If McAfee recognises a file as a Trojan then, if you have McAfee installed, a Quick or Full Scan will remove it.


          If you don't have McAfee you can either sign up and get it, or deal with the immediate problem by running another program. I would recommend Microsoft's Safety Scanner for that.


          Stinger only deals with a subset of active malware, just as Microsoft's MSRT does.

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            Did you add your email address to the preferences so Mcafee can contact you and were the files sent to Mcafee ie were you online when the scan was made?


            on 04/08/13 7:37:27 EDT AM
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              Vinod R

              Please upload the getsusp logs as a reply in next post. i could check the logs

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                Thankyou very much for your help, everyone.  I couldn't run the Total Protection scan as it was corrupted.  I subscribed to Techmaster and they checked the logs and removed various trojans etc. so everything seems fine now.  The internet went very slow/stopped working so I gave up and went for the annual subscription and they were excellent.


                Thankyou again for your help.