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    pop up, update download?

      hi, could somebody please help? i recently got a pop up stating it was from mcfee saying update for "security" scanner not vulnerability scanner. When i looked to proceed it said it wanted to install Delta toolbar and search engine, when i looked closer it said it was from files.org. There was no mcfee sign on there and so has left me worried as to wether or not this may be malicious. Could somebody please help and assist me how to move forward, thanks.

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          Whatever you saw it most definitely wasn't from McAfee. Pity you didn't grab a screenshot of the pop-up.


          The Delta toolbar comes bundled with downloads of free software, so that's how you ended up with it.


          Someone from Delta posted these removal instructions on the SpyBot forums




          I am from Delta Search Support Department. I am sorry to hear about your frustrations with the removal of Delta Search, I can help you take care of it right away.

          In order to remove Delta, all you need to do is locate your browser from the selection below and follow the steps.

          If you have any problems, just send us a message at (REMOVED email address) and we will be happy to provide further assistance.

          If you're using Google Chrome:

          1. Open Google Chrome, click on the "Options" icon by the right side of the address bar; click on Settings:

          2. Under "On startup", choose the option "Open a specific page or set of pages."

          3. Click on "Set pages" and delete Delta's page from the list by clicking the small "x" icon besides it.

          To change the Search Engine in Google Chrome:

          1. Open Google Chrome, click on the "Options" icon by the right side of the address bar;

          2. Click on Settings > Under "Search" click on "Manage search engines...":

          If you see Delta Search as default, please click on a different option (Google, Bing etc.), make it default

          3. Remove Delta by clicking the small 'x'

          Also check if any Delta extension were installed in Google Chrome:

          1. Open Google Chrome, click on the "Options" icon on the right side of the address bar:

          2. Go to Tools > Extensions.

          3. Remove any Delta extension (Translator, Toolbar) from the list by clicking on the small trash can icon that will appear when you point the cursor over it.

          If you're using Internet Explorer:

          1. Go to the Start Menu. Select Control Panel → Add/Remove Programs.

          If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, select Control Panel → Uninstall a Program.

          2. Search for Delta toolbar on IE in the list. Select the program and click the Remove button.

          If you are using Windows Vista/7, click Uninstall up near the top of that window.

          3. Open Internet Explorer. Go to Tools >> Manage Add-ons.

          4. Select Toolbars and Extensions. Uninstall everything related to Delta Ltd. from the list: Delta toolbar, Delta toolbar helper, Delta IE plugin, DeltaToolbar.com, etc.

          5. Select Search Providers. First, choose Bing search engine and make it your default search provider (set as default). Then select Search the web (Delta) and click Remove button to uninstall it (lower right corner of the window).

          6. Go to Tools → Internet Options. Select General tab and click Use default button or enter your own website, e.g. gooog.com instead of search.Delta.com. Click OK to save the changes.

          If you're using Mozilla Firefox:

          1. Open Mozilla Firefox. Go to Tools >> Add-ons.

          2. Select Extensions. Uninstall the following extension: Delta 1.1.9 to remove the Delta Toolbar.

          3. Click the small magnifier icon at the right top corner. Select Manage Search Engines from the list.

          4. Select Search the web (Delta) and click Remove button. Click OK to save the changes.

          5. Go to Tools >> Options. Under the General tab reset the startup homepage.


          That may work, but perhaps won't remove all the traces. Afterwards run Malwarebytes and, if you still see anything related to Delta, try AdwCleaner (but if you do run it in detection mode first and check to see what it proposes to remove).

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            Thank you for your time i really appreciate it. I will follow the instructions you posted and see how i go, if it pops up again i will take a screenshot and try to contact you, again thank you.