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    ePO Email Server Settings


      Please can someone tell me how to setup Email Notification Server  in ePO 4.6 Server as yahoo.com for the testing purpose.


      I want to test out how the messeges are sent for each events throught ePO 4.6 Server and for this I want to use Public Mail Server(Yahoo). But when configuring its not communication to Yahoo, don't know why.



      Please let me know soon...




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          The product expects this to be an SMTP mail server.

          You will need to look up an apply the appropriate SMTP server settings for your Yahoo account.

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            1. smtp.mail.yahoo.com

            2. port: 465

            3. and My email address at yahoo.


            What else I have to put there except these three.


            I did this and not working.


            Please Mention if something else is remain.


            Or just provide the correct steps for this.




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              Well that would seem to be appropriate data.

              Presumably when you ise the 'test' button after saving these and entering an  email address this fails yes ?


              I'd next consider checking by setting up a small free smtp mail server internally if you are allowed (perhaps something like Ineterv or MailEnable) so you have full control over it (unlike Yahoo).

              This is just to verify the function can be made to work, and you'll be able to look at the mail server logs too.


              Of course you should also check any local access protection rules if using AV on the ePO server itself (as you should be), that they are not blocking that port or SMTP connections in general.


              Otherwise you'll need to be sniffing the outbound connection on port 465 to see what is happening.

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                I am not allowed to setup any SMTP server internally, so I just want to try using Yahoo SMTP server for email reporting service.

                Not using any antivirus on ePO server and opened the ports for yahoo smtp on internal and external firewall also.


                So kindly provide the correct or better approach for this.