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    Artemis Help

      My mom was using her computer today and tried to open a program for the printer but it came up with an error message and a file was missing.Then she tried up a few pdf files and they got an error message. She also tried to open excel but it said that a file was missing and to put in the install cd. So she did a virus scan and found a lot of the artemis trojan virus on her computer. Her computer is an old computer running win xp. But since it is the main computer for our home network, I decided to run a scan on my laptop as well because of the amount on her computer. It found three on my laptop.


      Main/mom computer:



      Artemis!0E86A0CFCD15 (came up twice)






      Artemis!727C775797D3 (came up twice)

      Artemis!677C42CD9FE9 (came up twice)










      Most of these are found in the temp or temp internet files folder but some did not. The first in the main computer list was found in java and the 7th one was found in the network folder. And the others are in folders like i386 or the recycle bin. I also noticed that two of them are linked to certain pdf files she tried to open.


      I do know that mcafee has issues with this, so is this an issue with mcafee or do we have an virus and what do we do to solve this issue?