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    disaster recovery plan EPO


      Hey guys,


      I have been following the KB66616 article for backup and recovery as my disaster recovery plan. Noticed the server, db and apache folders are getting quite big. According to the document the following folders must be backed up:


      Server folder

      - LOGS < can be excluded

      - CACHE < can be excluded

      - WORK < can be excluded (total size for these folders: 23.5MB)

      The 'server' folder without these folders adds up to 2.96GB


      DB folder

      - KEYSTORE

      - SOFTWARE

      These 2 folders adds up to 2.15GB


      APACHE2 folder

      - CONF

      Total: 108KB


      Total size of backup:


      +/- 5.21GB


      So backing up these folders together with my DB backup would be my disaster recovery plan. Anybody want to share their data recovery plan?

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          I'm having to put DR into practice next week to recover from some epomain corruption thats preventing an upgrade of ePO 4.3 on one of our boxes.


          The main thing I've taken from working through the whole DR in VM's was always always always note every single little extension then make a backup of the software and extension in question.

          Otherwise you are guaranteed that you will come back to it and find you can only get the latest and greatest version as the old sub extension has been superceeded.


          I'm also amazed by how many files are in those backed up foldersand the amount of time it takes to copy them anywhere.

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            Only 1 reply on this threat. Guess there is not other way than to have this big backup daily? Keeping 5 days backup of EPO would take up +/- 25GB space.

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              Unless you are changing things in EPO (checking in new extensions etc) how are these files changing between days (ignore logs) Most EPO data is held in the db.

              Would a weekely backup of this (unless changed) not do you?