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    Creating a local WSUS server to update 30+ MVM appliances




      I am in the middle of building a mirror WSUS server to update 30+ MVM 2100 appliances with the approved MS patches.

      So I setup a WSUS server on a Windows Server 2008 R2 and configured the syncrhonization with the upstream-server "sus-update.foundstone.com".

      The synchronization works fine but all downloaded updates are "not approved", therefore no update is triggered to be installed on the appliances.

      Once I manually approve one update (using the list of approved updates) it works fine.


      So my question:

      Why are the updates on the sus-update.foundstone.com not approved?

      Are there only "approved by McAfee" updates located on the sus-update.foundstone.com server?

      If so, I can configure my local WSUS to automatically approve all downloaded updates.



      Thanks and regards